Lelehnia DuBois and Cannabis

As a young girl, Lelehnia DuBois moved to northern California with her mother to the heart of the Emerald Triangle. To this day Lelehnia is unsure if her mother, a nurse, brought them there for the wide, and accepted use of cannabis; but this plant would become a constant part of her life. 

After a car accident that caused the death of Lelehnia’s sister and her mother to break her back, she started to see the medicinal qualities of cannabis. 

After the loss of her mother, Lelehnia later found herself with a spine injury of her own. Later waking up from a short coma, and becoming pregnant with her son years later and needed to come off the western medications she had been prescribed. Lelehnia decided to see if cannabis would work. 

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The Vice; Small Batch Wine is Better

Founder of The Vice, Malek Amrani tells us about what it’s like to own his wine label. 

GH: Why is wine made from small batches better?


MA: The smaller the production, the better the quality. Most of our small batches come from a single plot of land, we are able to craft wine and care for it better than if you were making a large quantity of wine, per se, a hundred thousand cases. When you are producing a large quantity of wine, you are most likely not sourcing for a single vineyard, you’re sourcing from multiple locations and either blending the grapes or juice together. It’s like cooking, it’s easier to control the quality of ingredients and be more precise when you’re cooking for four people as opposed to a hundred people. 

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Carol Scott, a Lifetime of Fitness

Carol Scott has had a life long passion for fitness as a holistic lifestyle. Throughout the years she has been a CEO of her own company, a spokesperson for well-known labels, and is soon be embarking on a new business endeavor that could change the lifestyle of the average fitness instructor.   

GH: How did you go about founding the ECA World Fitness Alliance?

CS: I noticed that all of the continuing education and voice of fitness was coming out of California and the east coast was kind of underrepresented. So initially when I started at first I did one convention just to highlight talent on the east coast to show people what we were doing and then at the end of it someone came up to me and said, “when is next year?” and that’s when I said ‘okay this is gonna be something.’ 

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Janet Restino Lives Life as an Artist

Janet Restino in every sense of the word, an artist. She is a sculptor, painter, singer/songwriter, poet, and greeting card creator living in New York City. Restino describes her professional artistic career as “entering through the gift shop” having sold work in museum gift shops, don’t be surprised if you start to see her work on gallery walls. As someone who has been cultivating her art career since the ’70s, Restino has an extensive archive of artist works across many mediums.

GH: How do you ride the line between craft and commerce?

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Ryan Demirjian Tells Us How He Turned His Family Recipe into a Business

Ryan Demirjian, the founder of a company that carries decades of family tradition in a bottle, tells us about what it’s like to run the hot sauce brand Kill Sauce. At twenty years old Ryan’s father, Avo Demirjian immigrated from Lebanon bringing with him his family recipe. He pursued a career as an aerospace engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory for many years. In 2014 Ryan decided that it was time to share the family recipe with the world. Since then, Kill Sauce has grown to be sold at individual retailers, as well as stocked in chain stores. Here is what he had to say about the success of Kill Sauce so far.

Habanero by Kill Sauce

GH: What is your brand extension strategy?

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