The view from the front porche


ArteSumapaz is to be a center for the arts with:

Alternative art school
Artists Residency
Reforestation project
Agricultural project
Performing arts center
Exhibition center
A property of 181 fanegadas (116 hectares, or 288 acres) has been identified as being an ideal location for ArteSumapaz. The property is located in the municipality of San Bernardo, Cundinamarca. In most recent years, the property had been used as a cow farm, although historically the farm was part of a larger coffee plantation.

Each of the parts of the center would complement the activities of each group. The residencies would expose students to the thinking of international artists, while the community would create a backbone of social continuity. In turn, members of the community could participate in and benefit from the activities of the school and residency.

There are several intentional communities already existing in Colombia; most are focused on spirituality and sustainable living.ArteSumapaz is to be focused on the arts as its principal mission.

Other aspects of the ArteSumapaz vision and values would include:

Sustainability – low or zero waste, water harvesting and re-use
Agriculture – as part of sustainability, producing food onsite for community use
Inclusiveness and diversity – include all aspects of society: race, gender, religious beliefs, gender preference
Community outreach – include the surrounding community