Conscious Body Consulting
Conscious Body Consulting


We are a comprehensive consulting firm that handles all facets of the fitness industry. No job too big or too small. From concept and inception to fully operational, we have the expertise and skills to make your business a success and build your brand. Businesses should have a conscious. That means all businesses have a dream, a dream that needs a direction, a purpose, a need, a passion. We provide you with all the steps necessary to bring your vision and purpose to life. along with carefully planned steps to get there. Along with featuring and creating wellness events, We are here to assist in the mentoring, training, consulting and managing of all your business needs. We help you with recruiting, training, critiquing, programing, designing, or managing a facility, program or business. We can give you our expert guidance and experience in Opening up your own business, developing a new program, or taking your first steps to the next level in your career.