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RAFELSON MEDIA Company represents three generations of entertainment industry visionaries, beginning with Samson Raphaelson, who first put sound to film in The Jazz Singer, of the 1920’s, followed by Bob Rafelson, among the first catalysts of the independent film movement of the 1960’s, and culminating with Peter, whose unique combination of knowledge, insight and purpose bring dynamic energy to an ever-changing industry. Currently RMC brings a highly skilled team of individuals, to include: producers, writers, artists and an international business development executive staff. The company is actively expanding its personnel specifically in the areas of international management and marketing.

RMC is an innovative entertainment company, established April of 2000. The Company develops and produces original content and aggregates both in house, and third party rights for exploitation world wide, to be licensed in all forms of media. Our vision is comprehensive. Though not limited to the entertainment industry, it is our main focus and core competency. With a proven track record in creative accomplishment and technology development, RMC is positioned for long-term growth. With an extensive list of successes, we have gained critical access to the major players in our industry. We ensure quality production and guarantee release and exploitation in the global marketplace.
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RMC develops and produce original content, with a comprehensive group of highly specialized individuals who work together in a synergistic manner, to include aspects of Business, Entertainment, and New Technologies. Skilled in the fields of Music, Film, Television, Internet, Computer Technology, Audio/Video integration and installation, Software research & development, Marketing, Public Relations and Celebrity coordination, RMC provides the highest quality combination of resources and services. We have recently opened our new facilities in North Hollywood, consisting of 7,500 square feet of offices and production space. With decades of combined experience, RMC is able to deliver a complete “turn key” package to its diverse clientele. Additionally, we offer the services of our strategic media group, which specializes in the field of new media, technologies and entertainment.

RMC is an international company expanding business into the global marketplace– both for our company and clients, as well. RMC has developed a strong foothold in the Asian marketplace. Our stated goal is to create synergies between our company and international clients, in order to help generate revenues never before seen in North America. We are one of few media companies, which have employees from Asia and the United States– at the decision-making level. Because of this hybrid approach, we have been able to swiftly navigate the entertainment industry on both sides of the spectrum.

Over the past four years, RMC has steadily built the most successful American production company in all of East and Southeast Asia, having sold over118 million records. We have developed unparalleled partnerships with the largest Asian entertainment companies, to include Yedang, SM Entertainment and Emperor. RMC is proud to be the first American company to partner with CJ Media, the leading Korean entertainment conglomerate, with international exports throughout the region, including exclusive distribution for Dreamworks Entertainment. CJ owns nine television channels and the largest theater chain in Korea. CJ Media has joined RMC, with a common goal to grow Asian pop culture in the United States.

RMC is rapidly closing the gap between Asia and America. In May of 2004 RMC propelled the first Asian artists to the top of the Billboard Charts. Within a few short weeks, Sun landed the #1 slot on the Dance Chart, with the smash single, “One With You.” This was not only a historic moment for her native Singapore, but for all of Asia. RMC Now partners with many companies to develop international initiatives and co-ventures in China, Asia at large and the global marketplace.


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